Andy Griffith was Right
Carbon Paper and a No. 2 Pencil


Dear Readers,

Since early voting has already begun, I decided to go straight to the mailbag this week to answer the three most asked questions from local voters.

Question 1:  We noticed that your son Trent is running for Judge, did you give him any advice?

Answer:  Yes, I told him to design a political yard sign that when reversed is one of the popular spring yard ornaments, such as the Shadow Cowboy, or Little Boy Watering the Flowers. That way, when the election was over, the home owner could just turn the sign around and increase the curb appeal of their property.

Question 2:  When Judge O’Connor announced his retirement, I realized that I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t the Judge of Circuit Court. Can you?   

Answer:   Yes, I can.  Before becoming a judge, Charlie was a local lawyer practicing with George Stubbs at what was then Stubbs and O’Connor.  Local history buffs know that Stubbs and O’Connor later became Stubbs and Meltzer.  Small world.  If my memory is correct, Charlie left a package of carbon paper, a legal pad and a number 2 pencil behind for me to get my start.

Question 3:  What qualities does your son, Trent, possess that will make him a good judge?  As Joe Friday always said, give me the facts, sir, just the facts.

Answer:  As far as the qualities necessary to make a good judge, I’m sure that local voters differ.  You have probably attended some of the political functions and heard many of our fellow Republicans speak of Trent’s qualifications that include what I would call the traditional right stuff:  His decade of local legal experience including his eight years serving as Shelbyville City Attorney, coupled with his academic success of being on Law Review and graduating Cum Laude from I.U. School of Law. Trent has always been a role model. While still in high school, Trent was a National Merit Scholar and was chosen as a future leader to participate in a summer program at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Trent’s many academic and professional accomplishments give him the tools to be a judge.  However, I believe other personality traits are even more important.  Those things that Sheriff Andy Taylor would refer to as the “human element” or what your grade school teacher would call living by the golden rule.

Things such as Trent’s work for the community.  Raising money by dancing for Shelby Senior Services, or sitting in a dunk tank for CASA. Helping Habitat for Humanity get new properties and delivering Meals on Wheels for years.  Or his sense of family when helping his grandfather, Philip, a WWII veteran, work on the Meltzer Woods Nature Preserve.

And most important, his respect for the citizens of Shelby County and his decision to settle here with his wife Jenny and raise the next generation of Shelby County citizens.  For decades I’ve called Trent “Smart Boy,” and it drives him crazy, but the truth is we need more of our smart boys and girls to stay in Shelby County and raise their families here.

To sum it up, Trent Meltzer represents those Shelby County values we all hold dear.  Please support Trent Meltzer for Shelby County Circuit Court Judge on May 8th.